Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to rent for?
Clients must rent for 1 month minimum and after that you can stay for as long as you like.  For clients intending to stay for long periods, we do have discounts.  Please inquire.

Do I provide my own lock?
Yes.  Clients need to use their own locks as only you will have access to your unit.

Do you provide wood skids?
We have wood skids available for our customers.  We recommend putting upholstered items/beds and cardboard boxes on skids to help air circulation.

Do you provide insurance?
No.  It is up to the customer to provide insurance on their items but it is not mandatory.  It is normally a small add-on fee to one’s home insurance.

What is NOT allowed to be stored?
Customers can not store food, volatiles, flammables or explosives.

What methods of payment are acceptable?
We accept cash, money order, cheques and on-line banking email transfers.

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